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Up this week: Chuck's third season is almost over, so we look at the show's ups and downs; then Lost makes our brains hurt (in a good way) with its penultimate episode, "What They Died For."


This week on the podcast: The United States of Tara has worked out most of the kinks for Season 2, the Jersey Shore kids will be out of a job in Season 3, and the latest Lost episode provides plenty of answers but raises even more questions.


Up this week: Breaking Bad puts out one of the best hours of television ever, Gossip Girl bores us with its awful storylines, and Lost continues to impress, despite its problems.


Up this week: Dax Shepard is surprisingly charming on Parenthood, everyone's in denial on Breaking Bad, and everyone is finally reuniting on Lost.


This week on the podcast: Glee returns to very little fanfare (that was sarcasm, by the way), the Ugly Betty finale doesn't let us down, Conan O'Brien goes to TBS, and "Everybody Loves Hurley" on Lost.


Kat and Jeevan fist-pump for Chuck and get teared up at Ugly Betty; then Jen shows up to gush over how great Desmond was on Lost.


Kat and Jeevan discuss the return of V (Scott Wolf is soooo cute!) and Nurse Jackie (Edie Falco is soooo talented), and Jen stops by to discuss the latest episode of Lost, "The Package."


Kat and Jeevan rejoice at the return of Breaking Bad, discuss why Life Unexpected is so disappointing, and then Jen shows up so she and Kat can gush about the Richard Alpert episode of Lost.


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